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Paul Salvette was raised in the Detroit, Michigan, area of the United States of America. Paul completed a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of California - Los Angeles in 2002. Shortly after finishing college, Paul joined the United States Navy as a submarine officer and served in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii aboard the USS Honolulu (SSN 718) from 2004–7, and on the staff of General David Petraeus in Iraq from 2007–8.

Recognizing the surge in popularity of eBooks, Paul published his novella America Goes On at the Amazon Kindle Store in 2011. Dismayed by the lack of quality in the design and layout of this new technology, Paul wrote a technical guide to help small presses and self-publishers professionally package their eBooks. Following this, he decided to found an entire company dedicated to eBook technology—BB eBooks.

Paul can be reached by email at  Paul Salvette Email.


Anonymous said...

You should take this down. It's outdated

Paul Salvette said...

Thank you. Just updated.

Angela Y said...

Hi Paul,

I just purchased your new ebook 'The eBook Design and Development Guide' and wonder if I can have the PDF version too? How to get it? Thanks.


Paul Salvette said...

Thanks Angela. Please send an email with the secret password in the Appendix to my email paul (at) beebee (dot) asia. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul - I bought your eBook design Guide. Great work! Thank you so much for your help! You're awesome!


Paul Salvette said...

Thank you, J. I hope the guide is useful.

Yogurt said...

Was looking at trying to add animated GIF's to an eBook but there seems to be mixed opinions if this is possible or not. What do you think and if it is possible do you have any suggestions on how to do it?

Also, what is your opinion of some of the automated tools like Jutoh and Sigil? Are they getting good enough yet that you would think about using them for an eBook project?

I purchased your Design Guide eBook and am enjoying it very much. A lot of information packed in there. Thanks so much for all the effort that went into it!!


Paul Salvette said...

Thanks, Bob. Glad my book was useful for you. We've never tried animated gifs, but they should probably get embedded like regular gifs to see if they can work. The rendering will probably differ from platform to platform. For Jutoh and Sigil, we don't use them in our shop, but they may be of interest to some folks. We generally avoid them because we want 100% control over the production process.

The Writing WordSmith said...

Hi Paul
I saw your website and have multiple books to publish and was wondering about how much income can be received by publishing e-books through you guys.

I realize that its difficult to gauge depending on the type of book, but can you give a ball park figure?


Paul Salvette said...


Our company, BB eBooks, helps turn your manuscript into an eBook for the major eBook platforms. We don't take any royalties, just a one-time fee for services rendered. Please feel free to send over a manuscript through our website here. Thanks for your consideration.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bob,

I found your site and read your tutorial on "How To Create Ebook On Sigil." I would went to Smashwords to get your How to Format Your eBook for Kindle, NOOK, Smashwords, and Everything Else pdf. Thank you for offering this updated version as you are helping us newbies learn how to make our own ebooks.

Unknown said...


Thank you for your note. I took my How to Format guide off the market since it's a bit out of date. The newest book: The eBook Design and Development Guide has better information. Thanks for your interest

Kate Dancey said...

Hi Mr. Salvette,

Many thanks for the video guide on formatting. I was trying to understand the Guido Henkel site but you putting it to vid helped to clarify much.

I still had a couple of questions and took liberty of emailing you.

When I have figured it all out I am blogging about the experience and place a link in it to your current book as well as site.

Thanks again,

Kate Dancey

David Wing said...

Hi Paul,

I'm at a loss.

I'm trying desperately to reduce my Word file to less than 10MB for smashwords upload. I have to saved as doc. as requested and down to around 11.5MB, the images are reduced as per Word instructions- 96dpi, but then I'm stumped. It's a kids book, 45 pages including the drawings, but I have now clue what to do?

Can you help-very simply and directly.

Paul Salvette said...

Hi David. You can usually reduce image sizes in a photoediting program like Photoscape or Paint dot net or something suitable. Feel free to contact our company, BB eBooks, for a quote.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,
This is Rizvan here from India. Here we are running a small e-book office. now we need files for our office. it's my kindly request request can you outsource e-book files for our office.
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Unknown said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for the info on formatting for Smashwords. I'm having a particular challenge and wondering if you can help? My files are passing Autovetter first time (yay!). As part of my formatting I'm inserting a small picture at the start of each chapter, with 'Chapter 1' underneath that. When I download the converted file it is inserting page breaks between the picture and the Chapter 1 title - and I don't know why. Any thoughts I what I need to do to stop this from happening?


Paul Salvette said...


Sorry the images are adding page breaks. I'm not sure what the problem is, but feel free to contact us at BB eBooks for a quote.

Adonis said...

Hey Paul, Im just finding out about your classes. I love the "Down and Dirty method" you teach on youtube. I understand that was yearrsss ago. Question., Is this ebook on your website up to date, its now 2014. Im ready to buy it but not until I get an ok from you. thanks dude..

Anonymous said...

Actor's Work-Out Studio In North Hollywood CA. is a big scam, targetting desperate wanna-be actors. Charging them an arm and a leg for GARBAGE acting so called lessons. go any where but there for lessons.. Dogs and sharks!!! Beware... (advice for Dave and Salina)

The Yuletide Kid said...

Hi Paul,

I would like to thank you for listing those five online sites for short stories. I sent my short story "The Girl, the Boy, and the King" into New Asian Writing and was accepted within two hours for both the online posting and the year-end anthology. Without your advice I doubt if I would have been able to place my story. I hope you and your family are well and happy.
Gerry Christmas

Paul Salvette said...

Good job, Gerry.

Monoj Favorites said...

Hi Paul,
I'm manoj Kumar from india., I have more than 7+ yr experience in ebooks formatting service in india.. Now I'm looking for growth in my field....could you please let me know if any opening in your company...

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
finding your book really first class. Something missing though is the problem of css for reliably formatting chapter and section ornaments - do you deal with anywhere in your blogs?

The commonest method used by the big publishers for handling these seems to be to place the ornament (usually with a white background)inside a white box background that expands to the full width of any reader page while keeping the image proportions. How is this coded?

Sorry for throwing the question at you here, but the ornament problem is driving so many people crazy.

Again, thanks for a great book.


Unknown said...
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