June 23, 2011

Christopher Moore in Bangkok Post

Christopher Moore has a good interview in the Bangkok Post today. In a world of grandstanding politicians and buffoonish reality TV stars, it's quite refreshing to see someone so humble. This excerpt is hilarious:
I think anyone who writes a book has a little bit of a romantic, idealistic side to them, because frankly it's not a way to live a life or make money. There has to be some kind of idealisation that drives you to do something that would make most people would feel sorry for you.
Moore also discusses how even though it's much easier to write and distribute a novel nowadays, it's actually harder to be a writer due to the difficulty of starting out. This echoes Stephen Leather's thoughts on the subject. The logic being that since it's so easy for any rube to write a manuscript, it can be difficult to get noticed in the crowd. Guess I'll just have to try harder!

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