June 18, 2011

A Massive Kuai Tiao Pot - Crazy Things My Wife Does

We frequently travel to the Makro on Srinagarindra Road (sort of like the Sam's Club of Thailand) to purchase all the snacks, drinks, and other junk food for our internet cafes. During one excursion, my wife thought it would be a good idea to drop 1,600THB (about $50) on a stainless steel pot used for mass producing Kuai Tiao (ก๊วยเตี๋ยว). Kuai Tiao is a tasty noodle dish often found on the street and is a lunchtime favorite of many office workers in Bangkok. You usually see these pots being manned by woman with hairnets in sidewalk stalls with plastic tables set up around them. A bowl is typically about 30THB ($1).

You place the pot over some coals and let the meat cook in there for several hours. I am never trusted to prepare any meals, so I was only assigned the menial task of heaving the pot filled with water on top of the ceramic hot plate. I'm not exactly sure why my wife thought she had to feed an army. Sure, we have a large extended family and she bought it when it was summer time for the kids (March - May). But look at the size of this thing. You could cook my 6-year old son in it:
The pot is filled with liters of boiling water on top of that wobbly ceramic hot plate. I had to keep the 6-year old from playing near it so that we didn't re-create the famous scene from Sleepaway Camp:
I've never understood some of the purchases my wife has made, and the language barrier does not help matters. Although, I have learned to not make a fuss, as some things in Thailand can never be explained.

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