July 1, 2011

Vote for the Best, Prepare for the Worst - Thailand

Saturday, July 3rd are the much discussed elections in Thailand. Seeing how I'm not a Thai citizen, I get to sit back and watch the excitement without any nagging civic responsibility of having to get off my ass and go vote.

Defying the taboo of discussing politics with Thai colleagues, I asked everyone who they were voting for. Surprisingly, a lot of the younger people I know are going for Khun Chuwit. He's the former massage parlor boss from Bangkok with the hilarious bull terrier (Moto Moto) as a mascot. I have no idea what his platform is about, and it's not because my Thai is less than perfect. No one has any idea what his platform is about. I do give Khun Chuwit respect for pulling off a plank though, showing that he cares about the modern memes of our times.

More fun with the Thai elections over at CNN Go, and here's some cutesy thing produced by the Thai government:


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