January 18, 2012

SOPA Blackout

We live in an unfree world of tyrannical dictators, business regulations crafted by the largest corporations, and seatbelt laws. Why would we threaten the most free thing to ever come in existence? The internet, which allows us to spread information without regard to national borders, cultural disparities, and physical differences, is under attack from the jackals in Washington. SOPA, and its nasty little sibling PIPA, would give the US government vast and intrusive powers into the flow of information, which is something you should be scared about.

Reason compares SOPA to a "Great Firewall" but in the United States. Chuck Wendig talks about why SOPA is a nightmare for writers and artists, the people this turd of a bill is ostensibly trying to "protect". Chris Meadows at Teleread talks about disgraced Senator Christopher Dodd (remember the Friends of Angelo fiasco during the sub-prime crisis) shilling for the MPAA.

We'll be starting a series on How to Design Your eBook for the Kindle Fire soon, but I wanted to make this public service announcement.


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