May 19, 2011

First Submission Gets Accepted - The Curfew

Many thanks to Matt over at Thriller Killers n' Chillers for thinking that my 1,100 word story "The Curfew" was good enough to post on the site. Sure it wasn't a paid gig, but it's a good start.

The story I wrote is about Thai teenagers running amok after a curfew is implemented in Bangkok due to political unrest. Exactly one year ago, the military cracked down on the Red Shirts protesting in Rajaprasong (about 1 mile from where I work), much havoc ensued, and a curfew was put in effect for about a week. It was big international news last year, so no point on dwelling on the specifics. The government seized control of all the TV stations, and I recall there was just the Prime Minister and the military talking at these press conferences and looking very disheveled. It was sort of like the opening scene of Dawn of the Dead, and it was very bizarre. Also that night, some young punks threw a rock and busted a huge glass pane window at our internet shot which set us back 10,000THB (300 bucks) to replace. That was sort of the inspiration for the story.

Check it out here, and I'll add to the tabs on top if you prefer PDFs.


Mihnea said...

Paul, I'd love to read your story, but none of the links you provided work.

For a (non-paying) publishing house specialized in anthologies have a look at staticmovement dot com.

Paul Salvette said...


Thank you for the interest. For Thrillers Killers and Chillers, there's a content warning you have to clear (it might be showing up in Thai depending on your google settings). Click the orange button and it should take you to my story. If not, there's a PDF you can download under my "Short Stories" tab above.