July 21, 2011

All Hail the Self-Publishing Manifesto - Let's Get Digital

David Gaughran's has an excellent self-publishing guide available that was just released yesterday. For folks like me who sneak a look at their google readers during working hours at people like Lindsay Buroker, Dean Wesley Smith, and the Passive Voice, a lot of the information may not be completely new. However, it is very handy reference guide to have for anyone interested in the serious business of writing, formatting, and marketing an ebook.

Rather than adopt some of the get-rick-quick Jonestown feel I sometimes get from the brave new world of self-publishing evangelism, Gaughran delves into best practices and practical concepts for acquiring sales. I started reading the free PDF available last night until my wife got pissed off and told me to sleep. It is the most informative piece of work on self-publishing I have ever come across.

One serious issue that Gaughran addresses on is Amazon's boneheaded policy of charging surcharges on international sales. A $2 surcharge may sound small, but in my adopted country, Thailand, some people only make that much for an hour of back-breaking work under the hot sun getting bit by dengue-carrying mosquitoes. This surcharge only encourages mass piracy, which is already a huge problem in developing countries. If anything, I would advise selling ebooks based on a sliding scale, whereby citizens of countries with lower GDPs had to pay less. Thank you to Gaughran for bringing this foolishness to light. Hopefully Amazon will change their tune.

Check out Let's Get Digital here

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