July 19, 2011

A Daughter's Inquiry is up at Every Day Fiction

So in my thirty years, I've learned that life is a series of events determined by dumb luck. That's why I was happy to hear I got lucky and the kind folks over at Every Day Fiction published my flash fiction piece - A Daughter's Inquiry. It explores hypocrisy and moral superiority in Thailand in about 400 words.

The comments were pretty kind and provided a lot of very helpful feedback, primarily that I need to write flash fiction that is more like a story and less like a snippet. However, the ratings dragged me over the coals (2.3/5), so I guess there's some room for improvement. Just have to keep trying. Tomorrow, I'm going to accept the always hilarious Chuck Wendig challenge, and I'll have a flash fiction piece on an unconventional apocalypse.

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