August 9, 2011

eReader Apps Falling Down on the Job

From Joe Wikert at Teleread:
Or how about enabling auto-collections based on category? I read a lot of baseball and WWII books. How about automatically dropping those new purchases into category folders with those names for me? Make it user-configurable so that anyone who likes having everything plopped into one enormous, unmanaged home folder can continue doing so.
eReader apps are sort of like your uncle's old Dodge of the tech world: clunky and hard-to-handle. Sure the iBookstore shelf looks pretty, but the configuration is a serious lemon. "Less than Zero" by Bret Easton Ellis is listed in a category by itself called "Psychopathology", while almost everything else is listed in "General". What the hell genre is "Psychopathology" and where did this metadata come from?



Lindsay Buroker said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm surprised how many expat writers I've come across who are living in Thailand (it might only be three, but that seems like a lot!). I'd love to visit that area someday. I was stationed in S. Korea for a year but didn't get out of the country at all (being a rather poor army private at the time :P).

As for your post, I haven't looked into the apps too much since I have a kindle, but I know of quite a few iPad users who favor the kindle app to whatever comes in their machine!

Paul Salvette said...

Let me know if you're ever in Thailand. I didn't know you were former military! It's good to see writers who are vets. We should start a secret society.

Anyhoo, lemme know if you ever need someone to format your eBooks. I'm happy to help.