August 2, 2011

Top Books in Thailand - Hookers and Getting Tortured in Thai Prison

This list is from the latest newsletter from the excellent brick-and-mortar bookstore in Bangkok, Dasa Books.
Bestselling Thailand Fiction
1. John Burdett – Bangkok Eight
2. John Burdett – Bangkok Haunts
3. Stephen Leather – Private Dancer
4. John Burdett – Bangkok Tattoo
5. Jake Needham – The Big Mango
6. Rattawut Lapcharoensap – Sightseeing
7. Andrew Hicks – Thai Girl
8. Axel Aylwen – The Falcon of Siam
9. S.P. Somtow – Jasmine Nights
10. David Young – Sukhumvit Road
11. Christopher G. Moore – A Killing Smile
12. Jake Needham – Tea Money
13. Dean Barrett – Skytrain to Murder
14. Chart Korbjitti – The Judgment
15. Collin Piprell - Kicking Dogs

Bestselling Thailand Non-Fiction
1. Robert Cooper - Culture Shock! Thailand
2. Warren Fellows – The Damage Done
3. Sandra Gregory – Forget You Had a Daughter
4. Colin Martin – Welcome to Hell
5. Jerry Hopkins - Thailand Confidential
6. Janet Brown - Tone Deaf in Bangkok
7. Jerry Hopkins – Bangkok Babylon
8. Father Joe Maier – Welcome to the Bangkok Slaughterhouse
9. Warren Olson - Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye
10. S. Tsow – Thai Lite
11. Carol Hollinger – Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind
12. Phongpaichit/Baker – Thaksin
13. Cleo Odzer – Patpong Sisters
14. Phongpaichit/Piriyarangsan - Guns, Girls, Gambling, Ganja
15. Pira Sudham – Monsoon Country
Statistics seem to prove the stereotype that Thai expats like to read books about bar girls and fellow foreigners in Thai prison.


A True Friend to China said...

PA to Khun Mechai! Wow! One of my heroes. I once visited his place at Nang Rong to meet Wilas Decho (spelling?) and was most impressed.

Thanks for posting Dasa's list. I was glad to see my novel, "Thai Girl" doing well against the big guns like Burdett.

Choke dee khrap.

Andrew Hicks

Paul Salvette said...


Likewise, I'm glad to hear that your book is doing well. Is it available as an eBook by chance?