October 27, 2011

The 2011 Thailand Floods - What it All Means

Above is a video entitled "รู้สู้น้ำท่วม" or "know about the flood" which explains the current flooding calamity in Thailand brought about by a combination of deforestation, heavy rains, and improper water management (with English subtitles!). Like many things Thai, it is a very cutesy approach to explain a complex problem. The situation is incredibly grim for residents in Ayuthaya, Pathum Thani, and other burbs north of Bangkok, and the deluge has shattered communities and destroyed the economy--hundreds of factories have had to close resulting in a crippled worldwide automotive and motorcycle industry. Like most natural disasters, the elderly, the sick, and children are the most vulnerable, and we were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to evacuate our baby up to high ground in northeastern Thailand to avoid the deluge.

Similar to the Bangkok riots and arson in 2010, living in this city is sort of like the opening scene from Dawn of the Dead. Reality around us is shattering as we wait for the inevitable waves to breach the flood barriers and swamp inner Bangkok. There's no one else for the water to go, and our fate is sealed. Through all the suffering in this country, maybe something good will come out of this, like a tale of great heroics or a more civic-minded society. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Only the baby evacuated? Hoping for the best for the rest of your family and all of the other people affected by the floods.

I'm also curious to see the follow-up video. How do you calmly prepare to host millions of whales?


Unknown said...
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