June 22, 2012

Our New eBook Startup - BB eBooks

We have officially launched our eBook design startup based in Bangkok, Thailand—BB eBooks. Our company’s business model is simple: “providing quality services at a low cost.” At BB eBooks we would like to assist independent authors and small presses turn their manuscripts into professional eBooks, so that they can make great sales at all the major online retailers (e.g. Amazon's Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble's Nook, iBookstore, Smashwords, etc.) The eBook conversion process can be frustrating for independent authors and small presses due to the changing requirements and new technologies. We want to help the writing community and our services are only a one-time fee—BB eBooks takes no royalties and does not charge hidden fees. Your manuscript can become an eBook for as low as $50, so please visit our website to learn how we can help you. We can also do Print-on-Demand. All of the quotes for our services we provide are no-obligation. Also, please sign up for the mailing list for promotions, design & marketing tips, plus eBook industry news.

BB eBooks also has an online eBook reader, and we have a small library of some of the classics in the public domain. This service is absolutely free for you to enjoy a casual read. The BB eBooks reader works on any device—PCs, tablets, and mobile—right in your favorite web browser. For those writers, editors, and publishers looking to go the DIY route for eBook production (you probably are if you visited this page), we offer free online tutorials and apps to help you professionally design your eBook. Please visit our Developers page and let’s work together to improve the overall standards of eBooks.

Thank you very much for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Bee and Paul

BB eBooks Provides Affordable Services for Self-Publishing Authors and Small Presses

Bangkok, Thailand – June 20, 2012 – BB eBooks recognizes the rapid growth of the eBook market and understands the writer's needs to have full control over their crafted work. With its technical knowledge, customer-oriented approach, and understanding of the eBook market, BB eBooks seeks to provide self-publishers and small presses with professional design services for all eBook formats. BB eBooks utilizes the latest technology – HTML, CSS, and XML – to make sure that all eBooks look excellent across a wide range of electronic devices.

One of the main advantages of eBooks is portability, replacing the burden of carrying around the tremendous weight of textbooks, hardcovers, and other large print formats. Typically, an eBook reader can store up to 1,000+ books and it facilitates sharing amongst readers instantaneously. Another benefit of eBooks is the low-cost due to lack of warehousing and distribution requirements.

Unfortunately, many eBooks sold by the major distributors (i.e. Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble) are poorly designed and frequently criticized by readers. When asked how BB eBooks would improve standards in eBook design, Paul Salvette (Managing Director) replied, "We focus on using the latest technology standards and our own knowledge of HTML/CSS to handcraft each eBook, rather than just trying to use bloated software to convert a print book to an eBook."

Many authors and small presses face technical challenges in trying to achieve a professional-quality eBook. Panich Choonhanirunrit (Director of Marketing and Sales), who is also a writer, said, "We really want to alleviate the burden in the publishing process by providing the outstanding eBook design at an affordable price. That way, writers can spend their valuable time focusing on what's important—writing."

The company aims to turn information into professional eBooks as a service to the content-creating community. This will allow writers and small presses with limited budgets to sell their eBooks world-wide.


Susan said...

Hi Paul,

I've been looking for information on font licensing on eBooks and I noticed your review on EPUB3/O'Reilly. Thanks for the excellent review.

If you visit Toronto, let me know and I'll buy you a beverage of your choice :)

Susan M

Paul Salvette said...

Thanks, Susan. The font information in the EPUB3 Best Practices book from O'Reilly is tremendously valuable and informative. A 5-star review all the way... and I swear they didn't pay me for the review.

Please let us know if we can help with your eBook endeavors.